The internet is connecting us – across the street or across the planet. Mankind is more connected today in more ways than ever before.

That means if you have a business, a message, or a cause to promote, you need a website. If you’re trying to reach people, those people are waiting for you — even looking for you — online.

As you might imagine, being the guy behind Ask Leo!, friends and family come to me when they have computer questions.

“How should I set up my website?” is a pretty common one.

What’s not as common, yet perhaps just as important, is what happens after that website’s been set up.

Ask Leo! On Business outlines a strategy for creating a professional website that elicits engagement and trust, as well as a strategy to leverage it so you, too, can make the world a better place by adding value to others. Ask Leo! On Business will help you succeed in your endeavor, whatever that might be.

Here’s where we’re headed.

I hope you’ll join me.