Domain Registrars

  • SimpleURL – I have almost all my domains registered here.
  • GoDaddy – perhaps the largest domain registrar.

Hosting Companies

  • BlueHost – Shared hosting. I have a couple of friends hosted here
  • GoDaddy – Shared hosting. Besides being known as a registrar, they’re also a very large and capable host.
  • StormOnDemand – VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. Ask Leo! is hosted here.
  • LiquidWeb – The parent company of StormOnDemand, offers dedicated servers as well.

Email Providers

  • Gmail – Google’s free mail service, and perhaps the best spam filter around. I run almost all my mail through it.

Content Management Software

  • WordPress – The world’s most popular, for installing onto your own website. Used by Ask Leo!.


  • Yoast SEO – 90% of the heavy lifting  for the technical aspects of proper search engine optimization.
  • Google Analytics by Yoast – Easily hook your WordPress site up with Google Analytics.
  • Sumome – grow your mailing list, make social media sharing easy, and much more.