Ask Leo! on Business is dedicated to the premise that anyone doing business, anyone with a cause to champion, or anyone with a message to share needs to have a presence on the web.

And while it’s easy to do it wrong, it also doesn’t have to be hard to do it right. With a little guidance, just about anyone can.

Roughly twice each week, Ask Leo! on Business provides information on:

  • Why you need to be online
  • How to get your online home base and get found
  • How to set up a professional email identity
  • How to connect with your customers, clients, and constituency
  • How to grow your business and spread your message

All in the clear, plain English that Ask Leo!‘s Leo Notenboom is known for.

Why Leo?

Simple: Leo’s been doing business online and crafting web sites for nearly 20 years.

Not just simple things like personal websites, but actual, business-related endeavors.

  • From 1996 through its close in 2008, Leo’s wife’s doll shop, Dolls and Friends, garnered a large online following, with online sales ultimately becoming the primary business. With a handcrafted online retail store, newsletters, customer support, and more, Dolls and Friends set itself apart.
  • Since 2003, of course, Leo’s been running Ask Leo!, and since 2005, has been sending out The Ask Leo! Newsletter to thousands of subscribers.
  • Since 2014, Leo’s been the publisher of HeroicStories, an online archive and newsletter of stories that promote the ideal that people are basically good, and that good deeds and heroic acts are routinely under-reported.

Even before much of that, Leo was part of the team and “the guy in the datacenter” on the day that Microsoft Expedia launched.

Leo brings all that experience and more to Ask Leo! on Business.

You can read still more about Leo here.