Affiliate Disclosure

Here’s the bottom line: links to product and services mentioned on Ask Leo! On Business may be what are called “affiliate” links. That means if you end up purchasing the product or otherwise spending money with the service, I might get a cut. Affiliate programs can be thought of as a kind of “finder’s fee” offered by product and service providers for bringing them customers.

There are a couple of important things to realize about how I deal with affiliate links.

  • They do not affect the price you pay. (If they did, I would not use them.)
  • I don’t make my decisions on what to recommend based on the availability or characteristics of an affiliate program. In fact, many of my recommendations have no affiliate program at all. It’s only after I determine I want to mention something to you that I determine if there’s an affiliate program available.

Affiliate links and programs are one of the ways I recoup a portion of the cost of providing Ask Leo! On Business for free.

If you’re ever concerned about the presence of affiliate links, it’s a simple matter to use a search engine like Google to locate the product or resource on your own. Do be aware, however, that if you click on an advertisement in the search results, you may also just end up using someone else’s affiliate link.

Naturally, I’d prefer you use mine. 🙂